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» Secretly or openly?

Any Internet user has "secret" at any site. But what does that mean? The Internet is not the ocean, and you just drop it in water that no one notices. To see one site in the Internet browser run a standard communication - you prashtash request to address a result of this request is delivered to your address. These addresses are obvious - the address of the web server and your IP address. That you are clean history-it does not mean that Web server automatically cleans your log-s. IP addresses are segmentation by countries, regions, towns and villages to local Internet provaydari in particular to you. In other words no secret on the Internet - everything is open!

» What is web proxy?

This intermediary between you and site you access. The mechanism of communication has changed - you send a request to the proxy server, he forward it to the site you're looking for. Then follows the opposite - proxy server poluava response to the request and forward it to you. What you win? The requested site registered as an applicant IP address of the proxy server, not yours.

» Why use it?

You can use it for "secret" surfing the Internet, re-vote in the poll re-vote for a site, opinion or position. If you ban-right IP address or simply wish to remain anonymous.

» Why web proxy?

Is there any programs and code for proksirane which must install, configure, register and other annoying things. There are also public proxy servers that must explicitly specify the settings in your Web browser and a port for communication, some of which are of doubtful reputation. The most simple, and convenient way barzodostapen remains web proxy.

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